Big Data and IOT

For a better understanding of the markets, of the customer nature and to select which information can be relevant to our customer we carefully analyze them in order to improve the performance and keep under control.

What we mean with Big Data

When we are talking about Big Data, we talk about a heterogeneous source of data and information collected with sensors that pass from management systems that organized, analyzed, interpreted transforming a raw data in valuable information. In addition, to be as user friendly as possible it allows the user to access them on every device though a secure web application.

What is our Must:

We strongly believe that every customer needs tools that allows it to be independent and knowledgeable on the solution. For this reason, we offer a personalized training, consulting activities and project development.

Tangible Results

  • Customer loyalty through a personalized service
  • Optimization of maintenance planning
  • Reduced time wresting
  • Increase in production
  • Higher control of consumptions
  • Accessible 24/7


  • Detect the operating data of the products using sensors
  • Process the data collected and evaluate the methods and situations in which the products are operating
  • Develop specific policies and actions for each client