Digitalizzation for Enginnering and Construction

A new paradigm

V4time is highly specialized in the digitalization of design and construction processes. We have developed numerous applications, availables also in SaaS mode, that allow our customers to manage on the BIM though the usage of IFC protocoll:

  • Asset
  • Maintenance
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Spare Part Inventory
  • Configurable forms for checks and controls
  • Trouble Ticketing

V4Time solutions allows the management of any type of resource, and it’s powerful in manufacturing, health care, utilities, building and public government.

We automate and streamline the activities of designers and developers by enabling them to create dynamic projects already calibrated for the maintenance of buildings and infrastructures. We develop integrated software for design, resource management, maintenance, spare parts inventory, quality control, security, with the management of human resources data within.

The applications created by Vi4Time record times, materials, spare parts, activities, error reasons, and guarantee the control of the real availability of consumables and spare parts and the management of the relative warehouses, with the automatic unloading of the materials actually used.

We help our customers avoid unnecessary and costly downtime and reduce operating costs and time expenditure.


  • Cloud solutions with online and offline functionality
  • Ability to work intelligently and work on the Internet;
  • Controlled access to external categories (eg Suppliers);
  • Better management of personnel efficiently;
  • Centralized software update;
  • Possibility to use applications on systems with different devices;
  • Real-time access to all the information of the structure;
  • Processes performed according to the ISO standard, which allows the company to be certified;
  • Integration with BIM protocols;
  • Support provided by qualified personnel;
  • Automatic division of requests on 3 levels;
  • Warehouse management and facility management;
  • Ica Register updated in real time;

Integration with BIM

Following the European Union Directive n. 2014/24 / EU, the BIM system – Building Information Modeling must be used for the design and development of buildings and public infrastructures.

The United Kingdom has adopted the BIM system considered the most complete of all the other nations and is a real example for the other european countries. The BIM Protocol v2.1 dates back to 2015 (the document is constantly updated) following a research, a pilot project consisting of school buildings, and an implementation plan which was followed by the regulatory introduction. There is a specific BIM Protocol for Bentley and a specific one for Autodesk Revit with a model validation checklist, as well as one for Archicad and one for Vectorworks

All software and applications developed by Vi4Time are completely integrated with the BIM system.

Our method allows communication between our software and design software in BIM by implementing the IFC. The data model of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) aims to describe architecture, construction and construction data. It is a specification of the open and neutral file format with respect to the platform that allowed interoperability between the Vi4Time software and the BIM using a communication protocol. It is an object-based file format with a data model developed to facilitate interoperability in the field of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). The IFC model specifications are open and available. It is registered by ISO and is an official ISO 16739-1: 2018 international standard. Since its origin in the 1994 IFC protocol it has been developed and written in C ++ to support the development of integrated applications.